How to get your sections to us

To get your sections to us you can do one of the following :-

1.Send via Royal Mail….you may find however that if your parcel is more than 1.5 metres in length it can sometimes be refused this seems to vary from office to office.

2.Send via courier/carrier. There are many available online now, search parcel delivery.

3.Personal delivery is always welcome.

4.There are certain tackle shops around the U.K. that act as collection centres for us …phone to find out if there is one near you.

To send your sections please ensure that you have packaged them well to prevent further breakages.

Wrap the section in bubble wrap or something similar. Then place in a strong tube (preferably one of the cardboard types used by tackle companies. Then just put our address on it (see location page).

We reccommend that you arrange collection of your parcel via the same method as used to send it to us when it is complete, because we can no longer offer an insured method of carriage as we send so many parcels. So either arrange it yourself or make sure your section is insured in another way.

We will not be responsible for your sections whilst in transit to or from us.

Email us on or phone 07759678774

Please phone for current turnaround time…..However we do offer a premium service please ask for details. Please note that E.P.R. will not accept liability for damage to, or loss of, any section in transit to or from us.Please note that when your parcel is delivered from us you will need to check the contents for damage prior to signing for them. Failure to do so will result in losing your right to make a claim against the carrier.

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