XL DIY Pole Repair Kit





What’s included?

Here’s what you get.

• 1m x 150mm top quality carbon fibre cloth. 1k 90gsm (this means it is thin, lightweight, not bulky and obtrusive, yet strong and has a nice tightly woven pattern).

• 150g Resin and 50g Hardner.

Throughout testing many different resins this was the best available for this type of carbon fibre application. Gives a strong hard wearing glossy finish. (a cheap resin will not be up to the job).

FIFTEEN metre roll of Surface finishing tape. Standard Kit is 10m

This is the exact tape we use in day to day repairs ourselves. It is not a ‘shrink tape’ as supplied with other kits. A surface finishing tape leaves a glossy, ‘lacquered’ look to the finished repair, reducing the need for extensive sanding and lacquering. When wound over the repair as directed, under slight tension, there is no need for a shrink tape as the tension applied will create the ‘shrink’ needed. Also, after researching the many ‘shrink tapes’ available, we found that a certain (normally very high) temperature is needed to activate the shrinkage and that temperature needs to be held constant for a certain time period. We felt this couldn’t be achieved at home with a hairdryer or heat gun.

TWO Mixing cups and 2 mixing sticksFor mixing the resin and hardener. Standard kit is 1 of each.

TWO PAIRS Latex gloves high quality, not cheap vinyl that tear easily. Standard kit is 1 pair.

TWO brushes and spreader for application of resin mixture.
Standard kit is 1 Brush.

So if you need extras, this is the kit for you! Our standard kit is separately listed at £29.99. Also check our other listings for separate components.