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Full Pole Refurbishment

Eventually most poles start to look and
feel a little worse for wear. Worn, chipped or cracked joints,
or even worse
still broken sections all lead to making a pole function less effectively. EPR
are able to fully refurbish the tired areas of a pole and greatly extend its
life expectancy. As pole joints wear they become loose and can have an adverse
affect on the poles rigidity as a whole. Refurbishment, in most cases, not only
enhances the physical appearance but also the performance of a pole. After
repair joints will no longer be sloppy; this in return increases rigidity.
Also,an angler may wish to sell his pole, then a full refurbishment can add
greatly to its value. We all appreciate a few extra pounds in the back pocket
A thorough clean, repair of all damage, and a good tidy up will benefit
most used poles. EPR’s refurbishment service is a very cost effective method of
extending the life of any used pole.

Cracks Crushes and Breaks.

Should you have managed to do the
unthinkable, EPR can repair almost any level of damage.
Crushed sections
& joints, clean/splintered breaks, splits, cracks, or chipped areas can all
usually be rectified.
The very high quality carbon components used allows us
to repair even the worst breakages without
adversely affecting the normal
characteristics of a pole.
In most cases repaired sections will continue to
pack away as intended and will give years of reliable service.

Joint Strengthening

There are several reasons why anglers have
strengthening added around both male & female joints of their poles.
Firstly, the types of carbons used by most pole manufacturers are not very
abrasive resistant. These tend to wear quite quickly if not kept very clean; as
we all know on the bank that isn’t as easy as it sounds. At EPR we have
developed a process that allows us to repair badly worn joints. This process
builds up the worn areas using very tough grades of carbon cloth and will
restore joints to their original fit.
The second major reason for joint
strengthening is to allow poles to be used whilst fishing for carp and other
hard fighting specimens. Several pole manufacturers have started to produce
“bagging “ sections to allow their poles to withstand this type of fishing.
These may be costly and not always convenient to use during a battle with a
large specimen. A joint that has been strengthened by the processes used at EPR
will have the capability to perform all of the time. The process adds very
little weight to a section and generally costs a fraction of the price for a
“bagging” section. We normally advocate strengthening to only the most
vulnerable joints. These are No.3,No.4 No.5 & No.6 which carry the most
stresses whilst playing large fish.
The majority of waters fished nowadays
contain carp or other hard fighting fish, give yourself peace of