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Full Pole Refurbishment

Eventually most poles start to look and
feel a little worse for wear. Worn, chipped or cracked joints,
or even worse
still broken sections all lead to making a pole function less effectively. EPR
are able to fully refurbish the tired areas of a pole and greatly extend its
life expectancy. As pole joints wear they become loose and can have an adverse
affect on the poles rigidity as a whole. Refurbishment, in most cases, not only
enhances the physical appearance but also the performance of a pole. After
repair joints will no longer be sloppy; this in return increases rigidity.
Also,an angler may wish to sell his pole, then a full refurbishment can add
greatly to its value. We all appreciate a few extra pounds in the back pocket
A thorough clean, repair of all damage, and a good tidy up will benefit
most used poles. EPR’s refurbishment service is a very cost effective method of
extending the life of any used pole.